Photo Credit Jason Burke

Andrea Bergart is a New York City based artist, designer and basketball player.  Her involvement in fashion and Downtown Girls Basketball (an all-women basketball community) inspired her to design basketball handbags, and create paintings and solar prints highlighting WNBA players and basketball culture.  She continues to be inspired by the merging of fashion, athletics and artistic design.

From the inception of her line, Andrea knew she wanted to be a part of the long history of garments and leather goods made entirely in NYC.  All of her bags are individually fabricated in a small workshop using the highest quality materials and craftmanship available.  Andrea is dedicated to the tradition of artistry and craftsmanship in the fashion industry and is always striving to deliver a superior product to her clients.  

Andrea’s basketball bags continue to garner praise from WNBA players, NBA and NFL wives, celebrities, stylists, influencers and confident consumers from New York City to Tokyo.  She has been featured in Hypebeast, Hypebae, WWD, LA Times, Vogue Japan, Teen Vogue and Vice.